Jason Hua's Ricotta Ravioli, English Peas, Pistachio, Bacon

This recipe is from Jason Hua the chef at The Dutch in New York City is for the filling and then the vinaigrette.  The filling is to stuff your favorite ravioli dough recipe....
Ricotta Filling (five servings)
6 oz                 Salvatore BKLYN ricotta
3 oz                 Mascarpone
1.5 tsp             Parmesan
3 tsp                Olive Oil
½ tsp               Kosher Salt
1/2                   Lemon, zested
1 tsp.               Ground Black Pepper
-mix everything together very well and check seasoning

Bacon Vinaigrette: (7 ounces)
6.5 oz              North Country Bacon, small dice
2 tsp                Olive Oil
3 tsp                Shallot, brunoise
2 tbs                Poor Farm Maple Syrup
2 tbs                Sherry Vinegar
1                      Lemon,  zested
1                      Lemons,  juiced
.4 tsp               Thyme, picked
.5 tsp               Urfa Pepper
-sweat bacon in olive oil until brown and light crisp
-add shallot and sweat 2 minutes
-take pan off heat: add maple syrup, vinegar, lemon zest and juice, thyme, urfa pepper

Add appropriate amounts of
Pistachio, cracked
Mint, thick chiffonade
English Peas
Black Pepper
Pea Shoots


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